I teach core courses in organizational behavior and human resources management at the undergraduate level (Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Compensation) and the professional (MBA, MHRM) level (Research Methods in Management, Human Behavior in Organizations). I also teach a senior undergraduate course in my core area of expertise (Judgment and Decision Making).

I consider teaching to be one of the most important functions of my job. In all of my classes I emphasize (1) the importance of using empirical data and evidence-based decision-making to address applied issues, (2) experiential, hands-on learning, and (3) critical thinking and problem solving.


University of Regina

Introduction to Organizational Behavior (BUS 260)
Compensation (BUS 357 — forthcoming)
Judgment and Decision Making (BUS 473AD)

Human Behavior in Organizations (MBA/GBUS 817)
Research Methods in Management (MBA 838/GBUS 838)

University of Lethbridge

Methods and Statistics (PSYC 2030)